Yes popups - Mozilla Firefox addon

Yes popups is a Firefox extension that quickly toggles the most restrictive anti-popup options on and off: to toggle popups on/off, either click on the icon or press CTRL+SHIFT+Q.

This is updated version of extension(see changelog bellow), developed by David Dernoncourt. See

To install this addon go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions. Press button at the right side and select "Install Add-on From File"

Attention! Starting from Firefox 42 browser block installing unsigned addons. To disable this type in Address bar - about:config Search for xpinstall.signatures.required and double click on it(must be set to false).
"Why I must to do this?" See and

Download: yespopups_0.9.8b.xpi
MD5: 4b008570d8d9292b453f19268bb02602
SHA-1: 75cf31f4c4c058a71c0b908a0d5b221f5e7e22b5



  • Added support for latest Firefox versions(Firefox 2 and later, including modern 30+ and 40+ versions).